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Increase Weight Loss Success with Self-Reassurance

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

I have done past blogs on the power of the mind as I believe that is a huge component to successful long-term weight loss. Well, not just for weight loss, but for also leading a healthier, happier, stronger life.

However, this blog will be a little different as I would like to discuss a research study I have found which shows a level of positive correlation between ones mindset and their success or struggles with their weight management and fat loss.

Weight loss success with awareness
Weight loss hacks that are great for mental and physical health.

The Research Study

The article is titled “The Impact of Self-Criticism and Self-Reassurance on Weight-Related Affect and Well-Being in Participants of a Commercial Weight Management Program” and is found in the source Obes Facts. And if I understand the Author Information section correctly, the authors of this article are from the UK and Portugal areas.

Now with all research studies, keep an objective mind as you read them and take what is said with a grain of salt. Maybe not that small, maybe a grain of rice. Anyways, as I was reading this one, I noticed some areas that needed improvement, I also noticed that some of what they were finding was running in synch with what we all have known for some time and that is the power of our minds has on our feelings and behaviors.

A side note, I work with a great deal of my therapy clients on perceptions and how it can impact our communications with others. This goes the same for coaching. As I discuss this article, keep in mind, it’s coming from my perception of how I interpreted the information. If you are interested in this topic, I definitely encourage you to read the study yourself and see how you interpreted it.

Here’s Some Basics

Now, the basis of this study is they wanted to find out the impact of psychological and emotional factors on attempts at weight management, thus looking at self-criticism and self-reassurance, and one’s well-being. In general, the results showed a positive correlation between self-criticism and struggles with weight management, and between self-reassurance and weight management success.

Here are just a few quotes I pulled from the article.

First, the article states: “Evidence now suggests that sustained weight loss requires behavioral strategies of self-regulation, action planning, developing self-efficacy, autonomy and motivation”. Now, this is something I believe a lot of people are already realizing, so it is not something that new. I mean, this is the reason I started Body and Mind Strong, and I know I am not the only one that believes in this.

Next, they did mention the impact of stigma that overweight individuals deal with and how that does impact their behaviors with food. They stated: “There is evidence that internalization of stigma is associated with overeating.”

In my time of working with others, I know there are struggles for those who are overweight who want to start going to the gym to get healthier, but worry how they are being perceived by the “more fit” people there. Now, this topic alone could be an episode in itself.

These final two statements from the study demonstrate some of their findings. First one: “Developing a self-reassuring and accepting attitude towards one's imperfections and flaws (e.g., physical appearance) may buffer against the pervasive negative effects of shame, unfavorable social comparisons and body image dissatisfaction”.

And the second quote: “Looking first at the correlations, results showed that self-criticism and self-reassurance were indeed negatively correlated but the correlation was not sufficiently high to suggest a bipolar construct”. This basically suggests that just because you think negatively, doesn’t automatically mean you are going to struggle or if you are positive, that you automatically will succeed, but there is some degree of truth to it.

The authors did recognize that this was the first study which clearly demonstrate the impact of the mindset and weight management and they even stated aspects that could be better for the next study. This is really important to keep in mind when you read any research study, however with this in mind, the fact that the outcome was in line with what we have already know about the power of the mind, I think says something.

And there you have it...

Now, I know I have kept this blog short once again, but I hope it gave you enough information to spark some motivation or interest, in challenging your mindset if you are finding yourself more of a negative thinker.

Journaling to increase weight loss success
Journaling to increase weight loss success

If you are, I will leave you with this assignment. I would like you to start keeping a log of daily positive statements about yourself. Whether it’s about how you feel, how you look or something good that you did, I want you to write at least one down a day. Try to be as consistent with it as possible. Where ever you keep this log, that’s completely up to you.

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

Alrightly then, If you have any questions for me, health & fitness topics you would like to request, or are interested in working with me on your health and fitness journey to a healthier, happier, stronger you, please feel free to contact me at

Oh, and remember...

Don’t let your mind get in

the way of what you can achieve!

About Author:

Renee Thomas is the founder of Body and Mind Strong who brings extensive experience, education and passion to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives. She has over 18 years of experience helping others achieve their goals in both healthcare, fitness and education environments. Renee is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Care Life coach, and recently obtained her Master's in Business Administration/Finance. In addition, she has helped others with behavior modification since 2008 as a master level Behavioral Health Counselor.




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