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The Body and Mind Strong Podcast

You can listen to my podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Podcast Player and YouTube.

Episode List

Body And Mind Strong Podcast Intro

  1. 5 Tips For Making A Quarantine Comeback

  2.  6 Tips To Make The Transition From Road Running To Trail Running

  3.  6 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

  4.  Is Present Bias Interfering With Your Health and Financial Goals?

  5.  Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

  6.  6 Tips For The New Runner

  7.  Dealing With Financial Stressors In Relationships

  8.  How To Lose Your Belly Fat

  9.  Getting Active Outdoors This Fall

  10.  5 Supplements To Consider When On A Budget

  11.  Holiday Fun Runs

  12.  Tracking For Success

  13.  Interview With Megan

  14.  Stress Management And Coping Skills

  15.  Interview With James Faith

  16.  Power Of The Mind And Set Backs:

  17.  Interview: Liz Grasher

  18.  No Perfect Diet, No Bad Foods

  19.  New Years Resolution Solution

  20.  Diet Starts In Your Head Not In Your Mouth

  21.  Interview: Aurelio & Toxic Positivity

  22.  Interview: Rian Andrea The Physique Athlete

  23.  Eating Healthy On A Budget.

  24.  Roundtable: Strength Training For Beginners

  25.  Diet Breaks And What Are They

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