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Transformation Fitness
Coaching Services

Online fitness coaching services that go beyond

basic personal training to help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals.

Why Body and Mind Total Coaching

Our minds can easily hinder success of our fitness and health goals, so having the right mindset is crucial in achieving long-term success. When integrating behavioral coaching with fitness training, Body and Mind Total Coaching will help you achieve your goals and maintain success in a sustainable way by helping you get your mind "back in the game".


Sessions will cover various aspects of your life to increase achievements in your overall health. Areas included, but not limited to, are setting goals, creating effective fitness plans that fits your lifestyle, developing a health life balance, creating a positive relationship with food, stress management, finding the right "diet" for you, self-care and more! The fitness training programs are individually tailored to your goals, whether it is to gain strength, loose fat or just feel healthier.​

Total Coaching Packages

There are 3 packages within Total Coaching, all are individually tailored to your health and fitness goals. Every package is for 12 weeks at a time and includes monthly video coaching sessions, personalized fitness plans which you can access through an app on your phone, and more to help you stay on track. However, each package is customized to fit your needs in regard to the number of one-on-one sessions and weekly check-ins. With each renewal, you can also change the package that fit wherever you are at in your journey to achieving your goals.

Packages range from $149 - $429 per month.

There is a 15% discount for renewals.



3 one-on-one sessions

Cost: $149/mo

Total Cost: $447



6 one-on-one sessions

Cost: $239/mo

Total Cost: $717



12 one-on-one sessions

Cost: $429/mo

Total Cost: $1,287

Having a Connection with Your Coach

I believe having a good connection with your coach is just as important as the skill level of your coach. In my experience in working with others, I have found having some kind of connection increases the chance of success. If you are interested in any of my programs, contact me for your free 30-minute consultation session to see how I can help you achieve your goals and if we will be a good fit for each other. 

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