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Financially Fit Part 4: Don’t Let Your Mind Get in the Way of What You Can Achieve

Welcome back to the final part of this financially fit series! How did this past week go? Were you able to break down your goals into steps to achieve them? Did you take any steps towards those goals? If so, how did it feel? If you are the journaling type, keep track of how you feel during this time, especially when you are able to achieve any type of goal. In addition to remembering your “why”, remembering the feeling of any accomplishment will help keep you motivated! In addition, tracking your actions will help you later when you get off track. When that happens, you can look back at what worked for you and then re-implement them into your life.

Yes, I Will!

This leads me to the final topic: don’t let your mind get in the way of what you can achieve! Through the years of working with people as a counselor, I saw a trend with my clients. I noticed the chances of success depended highly on their thoughts, how they viewed the situation and what they said. The clients who said “I will try” struggled more than the ones who said “yes, I will” when it came to steps towards overcoming their issue. Saying “I’ll try” allows you to leave one foot out the door so to speak, which then allows you to be partially committed to your success. When a client said “I’ll try”, I often reviewed this with them to try to figure out why said this. Some of the reasons why my clients were either they didn’t think the step was going to work or they didn’t have enough confidence in themselves to actually be successful.

Now, will a step always be successful if you think you can do it? Not always and this isn’t a bad thing as not every step will work for everyone. If it doesn’t work, that just means you get a second chance to sit back and review alternatives that will better fit your life. A perfect example of this are all those diets out there on the market. They all can work, but they all can’t work for everyone. Like the keto diet, if you don’t like the foods you are allowed to eat on it, then you won’t stick with the diet and then the diet will not work. Do you give up on trying to lose fat at this time? No, you don’t. You research other diets and try another one…right? Same when it comes to any goals in your life.

Visualization, What a Tool!

Depending on the step, visualization is a great tool to use to help achieve your goal. It is a very common tool used to help manage anxiety and increase relaxation. However, when it comes to achieving goals, it doesn’t come to people’s minds as a way to help increase chances of success. Get this!!! It totally helps! Picturing yourself achieving your goal has been proven to be an amazing tool. No matter what your goal is, I would like you to start imagining yourself achieving it. What does it feel like to be at that point in your life? What do you see going on around you? How does it add positivity to your life? What steps did you see that got you there? Paint a complete picture when thinking about your goal, journal about what you see if that helps you gain a clearer picture.


Your homework today…remember your strengths, your amazing traits and keep going after your dreams and goals!

I hope you enjoyed this miniseries on being financially fit and if you liked it, stay tuned for more blogs on the topic of finance. If you any questions about this series, please email me at or you can message me on Facebook. (I will NOT use your email for any type of mailer list or spam!!)



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