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Snow is upon us

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Experience winter wonderland this season!

As I am trying to figure out what the topic of my first November article should be, it starts snowing outside. After about 4-5 inches accumulated on my truck, it hits me, lets talk about staying active during inclement weather! Most people have no issues staying active during “nice” weather, but as soon as the weather does a 180, their blankets and warm comfy couches keeps them indoors. With the change of weather, this is the perfect time to change up your activities and try something new. With the snow, brings on a different version of the outdoor activities you may love. Plus, there will be less people out on the trails, thus making them more peaceful!

In my last article, I addressed layering of clothes to match the weather. This article, I’m going to get specific on some of the accessories you may need to adjust to the activities you can do out in the new winter wonderland. When it comes to walking, hiking or trail running, a good pair of water-proof shoes may be all you need. You will want to keep the snow away from your feet, especially your toes, to keep them dry. An accessory to have on hand just in case the snowy trail becomes icy is a decent pair of traction cleats for your shoes, commonly known by the brand name of Yaktrax. These will cut out most of the slipping and sliding you may do to help focus on the fun of hiking or running. There are various styles of traction cleats, just look for the one that will fit your plans and trails best.

As for hats and gloves, with the snow, you will want to go thick on them, don’t. You will be active, so your body will naturally warm up so stick with a thin to medium thickness on them. The more active you will be, the thinner the material you will need. With your gloves, look for something that will repel water, so they don’t get soaked by the snow and keep your fingers from staying warm. I have poor circulation in my fingers, so I have found, instead of gloves, mittens work great for me. I have a medium thickness for hiking, and a thinner pair for running..

If going out in the snow is not your game, then make sure you get yourself to the gym to stay active. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect self-care and avoid the gym. Stay active…it does a body good!!!


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