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How To Lose Your Belly Fat

One of the fascinating things about being a personal trainer is getting to know people more in-depth and what is really important to them. I find this information out by asking them what their overall health goals are. On a regular basis, I get to hear something new from one of my clients. However, there are a few goals that I hear, pretty much, all the time. One of them:

“I want to lose the bulge around my waist”

This is a very common struggle most people have, especially for those who are built heavy on top. Though the bottom-heavy people, like myself, still have some issues with abdominal fat. Some want to just slim up their waistline while others want to see some definition. So, majority of the people I talk with about this issue usually focuses on mostly ab work to achieve their goals. Well, let me tell you something, doing 1000 sit-ups alone will not help you slim up nor see those ab definitions.

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

This next part is the main ingredient to a slimmer waist needs to be your focus to achieve your goal. Whether or not you agree with Arnold’s training philosophy, him speaking of how your abs are made in the kitchen has validity to it which has been proven a multitude of times. In order for you to “shrink” your waist or see some ab definition, you must get your diet on point to lose some fat. Now, the best diet to assist with this really depends on you and your genetics. There is not a diet which is perfect for everyone as everybody’s genetics are different. What may work for your best friend, may not be the best diet for you.

So, first things first!

In order for you to lose some of that belly fat, you will need to find a healthy way of eating (a diet) that fits you and your lifestyle best. Make sure it is something you can manage daily without the feeling of deprivation. It must also be sustainable, something you will be able to do the rest of your life. The reason for this, you can pretty much lose weight on any diet but the key is, afterwards. If you resort to your old eating habits, then you increase the chances of gaining weight back and losing all the success you had. Only 10-20 % of people are able to maintain their weight which has been attributed to maintaining the healthier lifestyle.

Still incorporate physical activities

Secondly, even though they are not your primary focus, still incorporate strength training and cardio to your regimen. These have benefits beyond fat loss and should always be included into your lifestyle in some form or another. In regards to your waist and strength training, still focus on your entire body, not just your abdominal muscles. Focusing on just one muscle group will leave your body at an imbalance and eventually cause more health issues. Plus, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest thus aiding in the long-term success of keeping your fat weight off.


Just as it took some time to put the weight on, you must give yourself time to take it off. Slow and steady has been shown to be a huge key to long-term success. As an Integrated Health Coach, that is my goal, to see you achieve long-term success with your goals!

You got this!

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