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Getting Your Health Back on Track After Quarantine (or Start a New Health Journey)

So, who went into the quarantine with plans of continuing to eating healthy and staying active, but only to fall off the wagon with a resounding thud? Was it a quiet one, or one so loud you could have heard it for miles? For those who succeeded, that’s awesome!! Keep going! For those who didn’t, like me, then this article is for you!

The great news…if you got yourself on track once, you can do it again, you already know how. So, the question becomes: what were you doing that was working? Once you answer it, follow it. Simple right? Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. Most of the time, there are multiple actions you took which led to your success, however when you try think back, the steps don’t always come straight to mind unless you kept a journal. If you did not keep journal, this is the time to grab a journal and start tracking your actions.

On a side note, as I am writing this blog, I am doing the same steps I am encouraging you to do as I fell of that wagon with great gusto and am fighting my way back to achieving my goals. Let’s do this together!!

Let’s Begin!

If you are starting your journal now, I would like you to sit down with it for a few minutes and jot down anything you can remember that you did last time which led to success. It does not have to be in any specific order, it’s just there to get you to start remembering the positive. If you already had a journal, I would like you to review it and make notes of your successful steps.

Once you are done with that, please turn a page and start writing down your goals. Remember, be S.M.A.R.T. with them: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. The more S.M.A.R.T. you are with your goals, the easier it will be to help you achieve them. In addition, these goals will help you carve a path to success. Your goals do not have to be the same as last time as life changes, so goals must adapt. Most of my ultimate goals stayed the same as I still have the desire to hit the stage for a figure competition. However, my steps to get there, vary now as my life has completely changed due to the COVID pandemic.

Next, figure out who or what will be your support system or be motivational through this process. Is your partner on board to help you or do you have a best friend that needs or wants to be on this journey with you for their own health? Do you have a future race or competition that you need to get ready for or do you have a favorite pair of pants you no longer fit in? Connect with them, write down the event or get out that pair of pants from the drawer. These will help you when you need them to.

It’s Go Time!

The best time to start is yesterday, so the next best time to start is today!! Grab your journal and start towards one of your goals today. Pick a goal and write down a few steps you can do to achieve it, then decide which one you want to start today and do it. Once you start one goal, pick another goal and go through the same process. Even though you are starting on your goals today, you do not need to start on all of them today. In fact, I don’t want you to start on all of them in the beginning as this can be very overwhelming and it increases the chance of failure. Start with one goal and slowly add on in a consistent manner.

Here is a brief overview of what I am doing in regards to what I just mentioned:

  • On a Word doc, I listed all my goals, both short-term and long-term. Then I listed the next 6 months out and put bullet points under each one. (One of my goals is long-term as in a year, but I am focusing on the short-term goals which will lead me to achieving that long-term one).

  • Each month has 3 main topics and an extra bullet point for later if something comes to mind. My 3 include physical fitness, financial and growing my business. (Yes, bullet points! I love outlines and using Excel as well. I’m more of a left-brain thinker; love organization, clear details, straight to the point, and I’m not very creative.)

  • Under each main topic, I have bullet points of steps I need to work towards in order to achieve my monthly goal. My monthly goals are “mini goals” of my overall goals. For example, I have a goal of hiking and running long distances again. However, this month, I am working towards a consistent 5-mile hike but the end of it (I’m already at 3 miles). Then for running, I’m starting even slower as hiking is my foremost goal this month so I will run once a week and aim for 3 miles and not be concerned with my pace.

  • My first 3 months are filled out pretty well, then the steps start to taper as I’m not sure yet with the next 3 months. I will review these steps a couple times a week and add on as I need, especially when the final 3 months become clearer. Part of not knowing the final 3 months is, this is when we move again so life will change and I may need to adjust my steps.

Your Goals, Your Way

Now, when creating your list and laying out your plan, go with what works best for you. I use excel and bullet points, but that is what helps me. If you love color, go for it! If you want to use pictures, create a vision board. Get your plans down on paper in a way which it will help you, not hinder you.

If you found this information useful, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, I have recently created a group in my B.A.M. Strong page on Facebook to help others during their journey and achieve their goals. Here you can gain support and knowledge through your journey. Just answer a few questions so I may know where you are coming from. Hope to see you there!

Any fitness related questions? Please email me at or you can message me on Facebook. (I will NOT use your email for any type of mailer list or spam!!)

Working on being able to do this again...Awesome hike!



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