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Looking to run your first race? Or are you looking to up your game and tackle your first ultra-marathon? Or first 250 miler? Then Coach Dorannasaurus-Rexx can help you tap into all the fun!

Coaching with D-Rexx (aka David Doran)

Whether you want to crush a local 5k or survive 250 miles, road, track, or trail, he can help you achieve those goals. The key is your mind, and he will train you how to use that tool. There are many ways to solve for x. First you must try to define as many variables as possible

D-Rexx will coach and mentor your consistent development though physiology, psychology, and philosophy. Specializing on distances from half marathon to 250 miles. He will teach you how to think strategically about your running career and teach you to find joy where there was too much suffering.

Dave's Running Philosophy: Who you are now + Where you are now + What you need to do = Desired end state

Dave's Running Philosophy

you are now
Where you are now
you need to do

Meet David

Dave is an honorably retired Army Warrant officer who has coached, mentored, and motivated individuals and teams towards their greatest potential for over 15 years. In other words, he has been leading people to move faster and farther and then fight harder for a long time. 

Dave seeks out and enjoys challenges of all types. He borrows from his wife's background in mental health and coaching to help think his way around, over, and through challenges. Dave has run a variety of distance ranging from a 5K to 250 miles, which also includes timed races like 8 hours and 24 hours, as well as Last Person Standing. 

PS. Dave has done a lot of stupid things and not died yet, so we can deduce that safety is imperative to his methodology.

Dave's Certifications include: UESCA Running Coach, U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer and U.S. Army Combative Level II. Major influences include Dr. Sean Reardon, Ian Sharman and the Army Doctrine.

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$65 monthly = Training plan updated monthly and weekly communication

$95 monthly = Weekly updatable training plan and near constant contact (I don't communicate well while asleep or out playing)

Walk and talk: We share miles and conversation on Humphereys or the Grand Canyon. Email for cost.

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