Bare Bones Fitness

Busy life? Struggling to fit a fitness trainer in your schedule? Looking for a fitness program to help you achieve your goals? Bare Bones Fitness allows you to gain access to your own customized training program right from your phone on your own time.

This is a great program for those who have their nutrition on point, but would like some fitness guidance, accountability or just someone to "up" their performance.


For only $29 a month, The Bare Bones program includes one coaching session at the beginning of each month and a 4-week training plan. Every training plan is based on the individual.

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So You Wanna Run?

Beginners Guide to Your First 5K and Beyond

Have you been wanting to run a 5K but not sure where to start? How about your first 10K?

This is a great program for those at their beginning journey to their first 5K or 10K race.

For $20, you will receive an 18-page guide that covers various topics which include setting goals and rewards, training tips, training plans, how to create your own plan, nutrition, races and trail running. I even touch base on a few tips for a half or full marathon for those who will be bitten by the running bug!

Apple Bottom Plan ***COMING SOON****

Glutes, my second favorite muscle to work! Not only are nice, big, round butts a thing now, having strong glutes are actually beneficial for your health. Strong glutes can help improve posture, alleviate hip and back issues, and increase fat loss (due to size of the muscle).


The Apple Bottom Plan is designed to be integrated with your current workout plan.

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