28-Day Body & Mind Jumpstart

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Is it time make some overall changes in your life? Need to shed a little body fat and gain some strength? Time to start getting rid of unhealthy habits and replacing them with positive ones, but not sure where to start?


This is a great program for those who are at the beginning of their journey of wanting to improve their overall health, but is in need of a little guidance to help build the initial foundationThe 28-Day Jumpstart program combines fitness and life coaching to build that strong foundation which will help you achieve your goals in life, both physically and mentally. 


For just $16, you can take the first step to improving your health. You will receive a 23 page guide that covers nutrition, fitness and the 28-day plan. Each each week will cover 3 areas of health: fitness, nutrition and improving mental resiliency.  

Run on!

Beginners Guide to Your First 5K and Beyond

Have you been wanting to run a 5K but not sure where to start? How about your first 10K?

This is a great program for those at their beginning journey to their first 5K or 10K race.

For only $15, you will receive an 28-page guide that covers various topics which include setting goals and rewards, training tips, training plans, how to create your own plan, nutrition, races and trail running. I even touch base on a few tips for a half or full marathon for those who will be bitten by the running bug!

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If you have any questions regarding any of the solo programs listed above, please feel free to contact me!!