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Living Lite: The Journey Towards Our Version Of Minimalism

My partner and I have gone tiny. We are living our version of a minimalism life and are loving it! Now this is not something that occurred overnight, but rather took years and various circumstances which aided in our decision to do this. For me, the idea started when I started backpacking, realizing how it was possible to survive on so little and learning the concept of items you own should have a multi-purpose. Then it was years of moving, losing furniture to bed bugs (yes, that was a horrible experience), losing furniture to weather while in storage and moving into smaller spaces due to cost of living. Each time I decreased the amount of stuff I had and reduced my living space, the more relaxing it was for me and the less stress I had around cleaning and moving. When my partner and I moved in together, he didn’t have much stuff to begin with, so we were able to continue with the minimal lifestyle.

Backpack definitely teaches you how to live lite.

Fast forward a little bit, when we moved to another state which we could play more in the outdoors. Looking at the cost of renting and what we wanted out of life which is to travel and to play in the outdoors, we decided to go tiny. We took the leap and moved into a 26-foot travel trailer with plans of eventually building our own tiny home which we can easily pull. And yes…yes there were challenges when we first moved in. However, as we adapted to the size and figured out what we really needed and not needed, it became easier. A year and half later, we still run into an occasional challenge, but nothing we can’t figure out an easy solution to.

As with everything else, there are pros and cons to living this lifestyle which I will write about as I continue to blog about our version of minimalism, so stay tuned!

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