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Fancy (KOA) Camping in Steamboat Springs: Part II Of Our Mini Test Run Nomad Adventure

Quick recap: Heading to Steamboat Springs for the weekend and we are taking advantage of this mini adventure to prep for our longer nomad experience for next year, 2023. But the purpose of this blog is, I would really like to share what I have learn for those who are considering hitting the road as well. To read up more check out Part I here.

Below is a continuation of our adventure covering days 2-4. Nothing too exciting, but here it is...

Adventure On!

Day 2: The drive from Moab to our exit on I-70 was pretty standard. Some pretty nice scenery but nothing too exciting. From I-70, we took Hwy 13 up to Steamboat. This route was pretty nice, even though similar to other areas in the southern part of Colorado, it was different. It's hard to explain the differences, but all I can say, it was nice, refreshing.

Days 2-3: The KOA in Steamboat Springs was pretty nice and cost around $75 a night for it. It had a stream going through it and was kept up pretty well. The cool thing about this KOA, I thought, was that it was a stop on the free bus system the town offers. The reason is, downtown gets pretty busy, so instead of trying to find parking or dealing with thick traffic downtown, just take the free bus in.

On day 3, my partner had his race and I hung out with our four-legged kiddos, and took a nap. Did run into a problem of wanting to make coffee but forgot our lighter for the stove. So drove down to the gas station, picked up a lighter. Got back to the trailer and found out the lighter didn’t work. So back to the gas station I went. Keep in mind, I was still without coffee.

Fast forward to later in the day, found a leak in the trailer under the sink. Side note: If you want to get a trailer to adventure in, be prepared, you will have a leak somewhere at some time. It is inevitable. Just be ready for it.

Quote of the day:

"Oh look, another leak, shocker"

What we learned overall on our second and third day (Or remembered from past experiences):

  • Don’t forget a lighter! Especially if your stove does no come equipped with the lighter piece.

  • You know when you have arrived in Colorado when you start seeing pot holes…even on the interstate.

  • The Kum & Go gas station at Exit 62 on I-70 is pretty decent if you are pulling a trailer. We got there at about 9:30 in the morning and it wasn’t too busy. Some what easy to pull in and out of.

  • Until you get a good rhythm down with the fridge, getting to the right temps, maybe stick with more durable meats and less dairy. One lunch meat started to go bad and we worried about the dairy for two days. Luckily, the dairy stayed on the cool side till got to the KOA.

  • Steamboat Springs is pretty, yet crowded.

Stay tuned for Part III of our nomad test run adventure.

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