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4 Week Body & Mind Jump-Start

Is it time make some overall changes in your life? Need to shed a little body fat and gain some strength? Time to start getting rid of unhealthy habits and replacing them with positive ones, but not sure where to start?


This 4-week program combines fitness training and life coaching with the design to help you build a strong foundation which will help you achieve your goals in life, both physically and mentally.  Each each week will cover 3 areas of health: fitness, nutrition and improving mental resiliency. This program includes weekly coaching sessions, a training plan, nutritional guidance, goal setting, stress management, and more.


This is a great program for those who are at the beginning of their journey of wanting to improve their overall health and need some guidance and support.


Body & Mind Total Coaching

Body and Mind Total Coaching utilizes both fitness training and life coaching to assist you in making your goals a reality.

The fitness part of this program, focuses on a personalized training plan and nutrition which will help strengthen muscles and decrease body fat. This plan is NOT about fast weight loss, but slow consistent fat loss which has greater long-term success.


The other half of this program focus on the mind and "getting it into the game". Our minds can easily hinder success of our fitness goals. Life coaching can help you avoid this and assist you in achieving your goals. 

You will receive weekly coaching sessions to help you stay on track. Various program lengths are available to fit your needs.

Bare Bones Fitness

Busy life? Struggling to fit a fitness trainer in your schedule? Looking for a fitness program to help you achieve your goals? Bare Bones Fitness allows you to gain access to your own customized training program right from your phone on your own time.

This is a great program for those who have their nutrition on point, but would like some fitness guidance, accountability or just someone to "up" their performance.


The Bare Bones program includes one coaching session at the beginning of each month and a 4-week training plan. Every training plan is based on the individual.